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Pathfinder KiwiSaver Plan

Winner of the Mindful Money 2021 Award for Best Ethical KiwiSaver Fund

We donate 20% of our management fees to our 18 charity partners. Learn more here. 

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Our commitment to climate change

Below zero carbon-negative KiwiSaver funds 

This year Pathfinder's KiwiSaver funds will not only be carbon neutral, but we'll also be carbon negative i.e. we will remove more CO2 from the atmosphere than our share of emissions for companies we invest in.  Find out more here.

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Our KiwiSaver Fund Types

 A smart choice for the environment and finances.  See our performance page for more. 

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Growth Fund    

Ethical investing to achieve medium to high returns with a higher risk exposure.

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Balanced Fund    

Ethical investing to achieve medium returns with medium risk exposure.

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Conservative Fund

Ethical investing to achieve modest returns with a lower risk exposure.

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Compare Our Funds

What fund type is best for you? It’s a personal decision to identify the fund that is correct for you – Growth, Balanced or Conservative.

Growth Fund     Balanced Fund Conservative Fund
Return focus     Medium to high     Medium Modest
Risk focus     Higher Medium Lower
Likely fluctuation in value     More than the Balanced or Conservative Funds     More than Conservative Fund but less than Growth Fund Less than both the Growth Fund and Balanced Fund
Minimum suggested time frame     10+ years (long term)     5+ years  3+ years
Estimated annual fund fees 1.29% p.a.     1.14% p.a.     0.84% p.a.

You may be interested to know that based on recent KiwiSaver Scheme data, less than one in ten people actively choose a Conservative Fund. This may be preferred for people with a shorter time horizon, or low tolerance for risk, but more than nine in ten people actively choose Growth or Balanced funds.

In addition to our management fee, an annual administration fee of $27 is also charged (except for balances below $1,000).

KiwiSaver Fund Performance

Click on the Fund to see the unit pricing changes and performance since inception.

Our Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) contain information to help you decide whether to invest in our funds. We review and update it regularly. Our latest PDS dated 17 August 2021 for the Pathfinder KiwiSaver Plan and  replacement PDS dated 22 March 2021 have been lodged with the Registrar and are available to download here  or on request. Units in the Funds are issued by Pathfinder Asset Management Limited.

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This is going to make good money for our investors, but it’s also good for the planet, and for our communities. There is such a need for affordable housing in New Zealand.
Pathfinder CEO John Berry
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