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Ethical investment funds

We invest with a conscience

High integrity, actively managed, low-carbon, ethical funds. 

KiwiSaver funds

This year Pathfinder's KiwiSaver funds will become carbon neutral. In fact, we'll become carbon negative i.e. we will remove more CO2 from the atmosphere than our share of emissions for companies we invest in. 

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Managed funds

Ethically managed investment funds with access to your money at any time. Actively managed, high performing funds with an average of 65% less carbon.  Open to foreign investors. 

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Environment and social impact as priority 

Not only do we invest ethically, excluding sectors that do harm, but we actively invest in companies doing good. We do that using our ESG metrics below. We're now the first KiwiSaver fund manager to offer carbon-neutral KiwiSaver funds. That means your KiwiSaver investment funds, managed by Pathfinder, will have the lightest carbon footprint in the market.



The environment is a core consideration for how we invest. This includes climate change and carbon emissions, air and water pollution, biodiversity, deforestation, energy efficiency, waste management and water scarcity.

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Consideration of people and relationships cut across our investment policy too. This includes customer satisfaction, data protection, privacy, gender and diversity, employee engagement, community relations, human rights, and labour standards. 

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Every company has a governance structure and protocols. This level of oversight is critical.  Considerations include but are not restricted to board composition, audit committee structure, bribery and corruption, executive compensation, and lobbying,  

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Managed Funds Performance

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Our Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) contain information to help you decide whether to invest in our funds. We review and update it regularly. Our latest PDS dated 22 October 2020 for our Pathfinder Global Responsibility Fund, Global Water Fund, Global Property Fund, Ethical Trans-Tasman Fund, and World Equity Fund and  replacement PDS dated 15 July 2020 have been lodged with the Registrar and are available to download here or on request from us. Units in the Funds are issued by Pathfinder Asset Management Limited.  Alternatively, view our PDS for the Ethical Growth Fund.

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