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Giving is good - 2021 Charity updates

By John Berry on | 1 min. read

Your partnership with Pathfinder offers the unique opportunity to benefit from our growth because 20% of our management fee goes to the charities we've engaged with.

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All dried up?

By Hamesh Sharma on | 3 min. read

The dairy sector is a major part of the New Zealand economy, and Kiwi products are highly regarded by global markets. For some time now, NZX-listed dairy companies, have been cash cows for investors but the mighty trifecta has taken a tumble.

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10,000% return from 'joke' cryptocurrency

By John Berry on | 5 min. read

Its intrinsic value should be close to zero, yet at US$100 billion its market value is twice the combined worth of Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Auckland Airport, Meridian Energy and Fletcher Building. Has the world gone mad?

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Pathfinder first to offset carbon in KiwiSaver Funds

By Paul Brownsey on | 8 min. read

We agree that only offsetting is not a viable response to climate change. We invest our capital in companies that are low carbon and with viable plans to reduce their emissions further.

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Bitcoin mining bad for the planet

By John Berry on | 3 min. read

Bitcoin mining’s massive non-renewable power footprint, doesn’t feel like such an overwhelmingly positive story for our planet.

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When profit meets purpose

By John Berry on | 3 min. read

Positive impacts for their employees, economics, communities and the enviroment. 

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Residential property: A ponzi scheme or an investment bubble?

By John Berry on | 3 min. read

With residential property prices racing higher, could the market be a ponzi, a bubble or simply imbalanced?

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Why are stock markets so high?

By Paul Brownsey on | 3 min. read

Economies are yet to recover from Covid-19, and yet despite the economic chill, the bull is still charging, with stock markets at all-time highs.

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If it’s goodbye residential property, what’s next?

By Hamesh Sharma and John Berry on | 4 min. read

Please don’t shoot the messenger here, but residential property is not a productive asset class for our country.

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Conscientious parents using their KiwiSaver to make real change

| 4 min. read

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Climate change the latest battleground for investors

By Paul Brownsey on | 4 min. read

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What’s up with GameStop, Meridian and My Food Bag?

By John Berry on | 3 min. read

This year some company shares have gone hay-wire.

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