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Fossil fuels, palm oil and animal testing in your Kiwisaver?

Last week C16 Biosciences (a private US company) raised almost $30 million of capital to convert food waste into synthetic palm oil, highlighting how investors enable ground-breaking technologies.

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What’s really happening with GameStop?

A big story currently shaking up the investment world is the incredible behaviour of GameStop shares in the USA.

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Investors would pay us to build roads, rail and houses

2020 has been a very tough year.

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Pathfinder a leader in responsible investing

This latest award follows Pathfinder’s win at the Sustainable Business Network taking home the Social Impactor Award.

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Engagement Report 2020: Pathfinder and CareSaver KiwiSaver

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Take extreme care if investing in Bitcoin

Bitcoin is either a revolutionary currency for the 21st century or a massive financial bubble. We don’t yet know which.

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The summer of Meridian’s share madness

Massive trading levels saw Meridian’s share price shoot up more than 90 per cent in less than four months.

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Renewables Power to New Highs

A sector which has experienced an amazing boost of late is clean energy, as it is expected to be a major beneficiary of Biden Administration policy

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Goodbye 2020, valuable lesson learned

The human and economic cost of the Covid-19 pandemic through 2020 was unprecedented.

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KiwiSaver, climate and asset values

Over the last week, Covid-19 hit the UK hard with serious implications for communities and investors.

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Is your KiwiSaver making an impact?

KiwiSaver now has $70 billion of our savings. As owners, we should focus on the wider impact of this massive savings pool.

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Ethical KiwiSaver provider funds innovative social impact bond aimed at women

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