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A merino sticking plaster that could help heal more than just cuts.

By Pathfinder team on | 3 min. read

Our newest ethical investment. The Wool+Aid investment adds to our existing unique KiwiSaver investments that each promise to impact both wealth and well-being.

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Pathfinder wins at Ethical Investment Awards

By Pathfinder team on | 2 min. read

Pathfinder won the Best Ethical KiwiSaver Fund Provider Best New Ethical Fund (for the Pathfinder Ethical Growth Fund)

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So, you want a job in investments?

By John Berry on | 3 min. read

Here are five tips to try when applying for your dream job, or even for cold calling by emailing your CV.

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Is Air NZ flying too close to the sun?

By Hamesh Sharma on | 3 min. read

Closing the travel bubble with Australia is a stark reminder that we’re not “out of the woods” and risks remain.

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Ten good men and Ten awesome women - Part Three

By John Berry on | 3 min. read

Being a man in 2021 - honesty, vulnerability and communication.

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Ten good men and Ten awesome women - Part Two

By John Berry on | 3 min. read

Views from our ten men and ten woman on how men can stay well. 

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Do Tech companies care about human rights?

By Paul Brownsey on | 3 min. read

New Zealanders have a choice when it comes to making ethical investment decisions.

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Ten good men and Ten awesome women - Part One

By John Berry on | 3 min. read

June is Men's Health Month. The more mental health is talked about, the more people can understand their own feelings and those of others.

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The dark side of not being green

By John Berry on | 3 min. read

Many want to stick with the status quo of a modern world completely dependent on fossil fuels. But this comes at a high cost.

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The good, the green, and the ugly

By John Berry on | 2 min. read

The key here is progress through innovation, changes in behaviour and new technology bringing constant improvements.

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Fossil fuel companies facing death spiral

By John Berry on | 3 min. read

For investors here’s the bottom line; if you don’t take carbon intensity into account in long-term investment decisions, you will lose.

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Pathfinder invests in mental health

By Tamsyn Parker (NZ Herald) on | 3 min. read

Pathfinder joins ACC to invest in Sir John Kirwan's mental health app Mentemia

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