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Interest rate hikes: Is your portfolio really conservative?

By Hamesh Sharma on | 3 min. read

As a period of record low interest rates draws to a close, bond investors may be in for more short term pain said Hamesh Sharma, portfolio manager at Pathfinder.

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community blog

Positive Capital teams up with Alvarium, Pathfinder for community housing

By Pathfinder team on | 2 min. read

Positive Capital has teamed up with investors to provide $200 million for community housing.

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Investing in the future: What to consider in 2022

By John Berry on | 3 min. read

In short, risk is rising as we head into 2022. Make sure you’re ready for the new year as an investor by being forward-thinking and agile.

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Social entrepreneurs: a new force for good

By John Berry on | 3 min. read

Future-thinking businesses are coming up with innovative new models to support causes and embed “doing good” in their company’s DNA.

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planet first blog

When companies don't match their green claims: How to spot greenwashing

By John Berry on | 3 min. read

To identify greenwashing as a consumer or investor look instead for where it isn’t – switch on your “authenticity radar.”

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Future-thinkers needed to lead businesses during climate crisis

By John Berry on | 3 min. read

Pathfinder Asset Management chief executive John Berry says the climate crisis means businesses need to be led by future-thinkers.

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Axis of chaos: Supply chains, energy and inflation

By John Berry on | 3 min. read

Investors have been warned that inflation is going to sting.

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climate blog

Why big businesses need to step up when it comes to climate change action

By John Berry on | 3 min. read

"If we believe that the role of companies is more than just to making money for shareholders, then businesses need to be part of the solution," writes John Berry.

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Why an ethical KiwiSaver provider invested in cryptocurrency industry

By John Berry on | 3 min. read

Pathfinder Asset Management chief executive John Berry says cryptocurrency infrastructure is a massive opportunity.

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can i make a difference blog

Can I make a difference?

By John Berry on | 3 min. read

Our world has many challenges, from environmental damage to social turmoil.

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stock blog

It's October, is a share market correction coming?

By John Berry on | 3 min. read

A near term market correction is entirely possible, but a full-on market collapse looks unlikely, says Pathfinder Asset Management CEO John Berry.

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bp oil sopill blog

Can I invest in a company that previously wronged?

By John Berry on | 3 min. read

Facebook had massive issues with data privacy, but it’s Cambridge Analytica scandal wasn’t a one-off. More problems surfaced around fake news, lack of livestreaming controls and product addiction.

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