Our KiwiSaver Fund is performing well, despite market volatility.

Market volatility, as investors react to the Coronavirus, is very much in the news. We believe at times like this it is important to have your savings with a manager that actively positions your savings in a careful manner. You can see how we are responding to the market turmoil below; February numbers are in now so we can show you what that means in actual returns.

Our CareSaver KiwiSaver Fund has been up and running since 31 July 2019. The graph below shows our Growth Fund performance, since inception, compared to the Bank schemes. The difference is stark - why would any rational investor stick with a "too big to really care about it" bank scheme?

For an investor with an average-ish sized KiwiSaver balance of $20,000 - if you had your money with (say) ANZ, you would $1,240 better off if you were with CareSaver.

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