Market volatility - a Q&A with Fund Managers

Our friends at Sharesies recently posted a Q&A with fund managers, talking about the current volatility. Paul Brownsey, our Chief Investment Officer, gave his thoughts on how to navigate this period of market uncertainty.

As a fund manager, how do you respond to market dips?

We’re an active manager, so we’re always re-assessing our reasons for having invested in particular companies or markets. We ask ourselves the following questions:

• Has something fundamental changed?

• Is there some information available that we haven’t assessed correctly?

• Do we need to exit a company or reduce risk?

It’s also very important not to react emotionally to market turmoil and change the way we make decisions. We have a very strong and organised process which has worked well in good times and bad times. Working as a team to stick to that process is vital.

See more of Paul's article here

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