How to invest without committing 'climate crime'

Q. Pathfinder's CareSaver is the only KiwiSaver scheme to measure its funds' carbon footprints. Really? In this day and age?

A. Unless we have missed the news, we are the only KiwiSaver to report the carbon footprint of their KiwiSaver, and measure how the companies we invest in will adapt to a low-carbon economy. This is a critical piece of risk management that is dangerous to ignore.

If an investment manager is investing without thinking about how companies heavily reliant on fossil fuels will survive and thrive in the low-carbon world we are clearly heading toward, then they are being reckless with your money.

We genuinely believe that climate change is a huge risk for humanity and our planet, and that the science around climate change is clear. We take a lot of flak from people for this stance, particularly on social media. But when oil companies, like ExxonMobil and Shell, openly accept the reality of climate change and the need to reduce carbon emissions, then calling climate change a "scam" or a "hoax" simply doesn't hold water.

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