Ethical KiwiSaver fund delivers sky high returns

For the year to 31 July 2020, our KiwiSaver Funds have outperformed the four biggest KiwiSaver providers by a country mile*.

CareSaver’s Growth Fund returned an awesome +11.1% after fees, beating the best performing Australian-owned provider by 6.9%  Our Balanced Fund returned +5.3% and our Conservative Fund +4.6% over the same period of time.

How do we do it?

It’s simple, our only focus is investing your money to get the maximum return possible for you.

We are active – we don’t follow the herd. Every day we decide what are the best opportunities to invest in. We react quickly when markets are up or down.

Our ethical process is most important. We avoid companies that do harm to the planet and its people, we actively choose companies that do good. Companies with high standards have better returns and are less risky.

Let your friends know that they can save more for their retirement by switching to CareSaver now.

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This information is general information only and does not take account of your individual investment objectives or financial situation.
Pathfinder Asset Management encourages all investors to seek independent financial advice prior to making investment decisions.