Payment Instructions

For Lump Sum deposits, or regular payments, please see Banking instructions below

Should you wish to make a lump-sum contribution, or regular payments, the banking instructions for each Fund are listed below.

Investment amounts must be for a minimum of $5,000 total for initial investment, $1,000 for subsequent lump sum investments, and $100 per month for regular investments.

Account Name: Pathfinder Account

Account Number: 03-0566-0224417-000

Particulars: Your Member Number PAMxxx

Code: see below for Fund choice

Reference: Your Surname

                         Fund                                              Code

  • Pathfinder Global Water Fund                         PGWF

  • Pathfinder Global Responsibility Fund            PGRF

  • Pathfinder Global Property Fund                     PGPF

  • Pathfinder Ethical Trans-Tasman Fund            PETTF

  • Pathfinder Ethical Growth Fund                       PEGF


Should you need help, please contact one of our friendly Pathfinder Customer Service team on

0800 ETHICAL (384 422).

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This information is general information only and does not take account of your individual investment objectives or financial situation.
Pathfinder Asset Management encourages all investors to seek independent financial advice prior to making investment decisions.