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NZ's leading ethical fund manager, specialising in KiwiSaver and managed funds.

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About Ethical Investing

More than just exclusions. We select companies along environmental, social and governance metrics.

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Charitable Giving

20% of our KiwiSaver fees go to NZ charities. We work with 17 charity partners.

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Our People

Pathfinder is predominantly owned by New Zealand-based shareholders and is part of the global wealth management company Alvarium.

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Carbon-zero KiwiSaver funds that will leave you and the planet better off.

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Growth Fund

This Fund may suit you if you're investing for 10+ years.

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Balanced Fund

The Fund may suit if you have a medium or longer timeframe to invest, like 5+ years.

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Conservative Fund

Ethical investing to achieve modest returns with a lower risk focus.

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Working with Pathfinder

Make us a preferred provider or book a talk on ethical investing. We work with value-aligned workplaces including Xero.

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Managed Funds

Invest ethically outside of KiwiSaver with our actively managed, high performance managed funds.

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Ethical Growth Fund

Just like our Pathfinder KiwiSaver Growth Fund but with access when you want. 

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Ethical Trans-Tasman Fund

The Fund invests in Australian and New Zealand equities, listed property and other assets.

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Global Responsibility Fund

The Fund invests in international equities and listed property that satisfies Pathfinder’s ethical investment criteria.

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Global Water Fund

We invest in companies trying to solve the Global water crisis.

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Global Property Fund

Global property offers significantly greater choice than New Zealand's small property sector. 

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Blogs, calculators, documents and learning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your KiwiSaver and Managed Fund questions answered.

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Media and market commentary and investor education centre.

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Investor documents and fund updates.

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KiwiSaver and managed fund performance tables.

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Calculate your savings, see how ethical our fund is and check your PIR.

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Balanced Fund

Pathfinder's KiwiSaver Balanced Fund (formerly the CareSaver Balanced Fund) aims for steady returns. 

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Why Balanced? 

Pathfinder's Balanced Fund aims for steady returns. The investment style is what the name suggests – a balanced approach.  The Fund may suit if you have a medium or longer timeframe to invest, like 5+ years, or are not that comfortable with seeing dramatic ups and downs in your balance.


Ethical investing to achieve medium returns with medium risk exposure. 

Past performance is no guarantee of future return. We encourage all investors to seek independent financial advice prior to making investment decisions.



1 month


6 months 


1 year


p.a. since inception*

Performance figures as of 31/05/21, and are after fees before tax. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. We encourage all investors to seek independent financial advice prior to making investment decisions.  *31/7/19 (date of inception)

Risk Level

This Fund is suited to an investor with a mid to high tolerance to risk and a minimum investment timeframe of 5+ years. 

The risk rating reflects how much the value of the Fund’s assets goes up and down (volatility). A higher risk generally means higher potential returns over time, but more ups and downs along the way. This risk indicator is not a guarantee of a fund’s future performance.  The Fund does not have a five-year history. The risk indicators were prepared using the relevant market index returns from April 2016 to July 2019 (when the Funds was not in exsistence) and its returns since then. As a result the risk indicators may provide a less reliable indicator of the potential future volatility of the Funds. 

Investor notes

Ethical Approach

The Pathfinder KiwiSaver Balanced Fund has been designated a Certified Responsible Investment by RIAA (Responsible Investment Association Australasia).


A diversified selection of global companies that score highly on environmental, social and governance ratings. 

Target Investment

A balance of growth and income assets 

Number of Holdings


Asset Class

Cash (and Cash Equivalents),  NZ Fixed Income, International Fixed Income, Australasian Equities, International Equities, Listed Property, Other Assets

Investment Horizon

5+ years


10% Bloomberg NZBank Bill Index

30% Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate Total Return Index

60% Morningstar Developed Markets Net Return Index (50% hedged to NZD)

Current Hedging Target

50% of non-NZD equity exposures

100% of non-NZD fixed income exposures

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Compare Our Funds

What fund type is best for you? It’s a personal decision to identify the fund that is correct for you – Growth, Balanced or Conservative.

Growth Fund Balanced Fund Conservative Fund
Return focus Medium to high Medium Modest
Risk focus Higher Medium Lower
Likely fluctuation in value More than the Balanced or Conservative Funds More than Conservative Fund but less than Growth Fund Less than both the Growth Fund and Balanced Fund
Minimum suggested time frame 10+ years (long term) 5+ years  3+ years 
Estimated annual fund fees 1.29% p.a. 1.14% p.a. 0.84% p.a.

In addition to our management fee, an annual administration fee of $27 is also charged (except for balances below $1,000). There is no administration fee charged on accounts for minors. 

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Investor Documents

View & download these investor document packs

jake hills mI02K LxlfU unsplash KiwiSaver Balanced Fund Update 31/03/21
luca bravo ESkw2ayO2As unsplash copy KiwiSaver Factsheet
daniel j schwarz L50EwWmAY2w unsplash 1.copy Pathfinder KiwiSaver Plan Product Disclosure Statement
daniel chicchon b5OzPlT1K0M unsplash Other Material Information (OMI)
martine jacobsen xpsgubqxs E unsplash Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives

Historical fund updates

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