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Find out how much you're on track to save and what you're invested in below. 

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Contribution rates make a big difference to your savings outcomes. See how much below. 

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With Pathfinder you could save up to:

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Ethical calculator

How's your KiwiSaver invested? Use the drop-down menu to find out by Fund type. Hover to see a full breakdown by sector, or use the legend to filter by areas of concern.

Each figure represents how many investments a KiwiSaver fund has in investments that the ethical comparison website Mindful Money identifies as unethical.

Data obtained from Mindful Money on 28 August 2021. Mindful Money is a charity and is independent from Pathfinder: www.mindfulmoney.nz

PIR Calculator

You can use the questions below to work out the prescribed investor rate (PIR) that applies to you. Before answering these questions, you'll need to know your tax residency status (see tax residency statuses for individuals or for companies). Keep in mind that if you're an individual and have a 4-year temporary tax exemption, you can use a 0% PIR if you invest in a zero-rate PIE.

To ensure your investments are taxed at the right rate, you can check which (if any) PIR we hold for you and update it by contacting us.

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