Fund Fees

You will be charged fees for investing in the Funds, which are outlined below

Fund fees (exclusive of GST, if any) are set out in the table below.  Our management fee and external costs are calculated as a percentage of the net asset value of each Fund:

¹ Actual annual fund charges will depend on the expenses incurred by the Fund and will vary from the estimate.  Actual fund charges are available in the latest fund updates.  


Fees will be deducted from your investment and are explained below:


Our management fee: This is paid to us for the investment management and operation of the Fund.  This covers costs of Pathfinder, the Supervisor, custodian and administration manager.

External costs: This is an estimate of charges we may incur for investing in other funds. In the case of the Global Responsibility Fund, the other fund is our wholesale Responsible Investment Fund.

GST:  All fees are exclusive of GST (which is currently charged at 15%).

Additional charges:  The Supervisor is entitled to charge “special” fees to a Fund for services of an unusual or onerous nature outside its regular services.  While there is no limit on these charges, none have ever been charged to a Fund.

Performance fee: We do not charge performance fees.

Other charges: none.


Individual action fees

The Funds have buy / sell spreads which are explained below:

When you subscribe for units in a Fund (including when you switch between Funds) the buy spread is added to the unit price and will be a cost to you. When you redeem units in a Fund (including when you switch between Funds) the sell spread is deducted from the unit price and will be a cost to you.

The Funds’ current buy / sell spreads, calculated as a percentage of net asset value per unit, are: 

Why we have buy / sell spreads:

The buy spread and sell spread belong to the Fund and are intended to cover transaction costs in relation to the units issued or redeemed. These amounts are not paid to us.We may change the buy spread and/or the sell spread at any time if transaction costs change. 

There are no other individual action fees currently being charged to any of the Funds

There is no GST on the buy spread or sell spread. As an example, if you invested $1,000 into the Global Water Fund, the buy spread would cost you 50 cents.

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This information is general information only and does not take account of your individual investment objectives or financial situation.
Pathfinder Asset Management encourages all investors to seek independent financial advice prior to making investment decisions.