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About Ethical Investing 

High integrity, actively managed, low-carbon, ethical funds. 

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Pathfinder = Ethical Investing

Statement of ethical principles 

We believe our individual decisions as an investor are as important as our individual decisions as a consumer. Both have real-world outcomes that can benefit or harm our planet and communities. We also believe investing ethically can generate good financial returns.

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Our points of difference, and what stands out

Pathfinder goes further than only excluding companies by sector, we actively look for companies that are doing the right thing, as measured by their environmental, social and governance records. We are also mindful of the carbon intensity of companies and have recently invested in carbon offsets within our KiwiSaver fund range to make them carbon-neutral.

Why sustainability is non-negotiable 

With climate change, the sustainability of resources, protection of ecosystems and social challenges, we have reached a critical juncture. In short, the status quo is no longer acceptable. Our goal is to make our investors wealthier but do this in a way that is good for the planet and its people. 

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Ethical Investing Market Leaders

On average, Pathfinder's ethical funds are 65% lower in carbon emissions than the industry standard. 

Carbon intensity 

This is how much lower the carbon emissions of our Global Responsibility Fund are compared to the global benchmark. 

Shareholder activism 

We voted our ethical beliefs at 99% of the companies we invest in. 

Fossil Fuels & Factory farming

We don't invest in any companies that earn revenue from these activities. 

Corporate governance

We voted against management on shareholder proposals 58% of the time. 

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Trusted by thousands of Kiwis, taking steps in carbon footprint reduction in lifestyle and investments.

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